The Scholastic Art Awards feature the best student art work in Nebraska in 2018-19.  This is the Regional level of a larger National competition that occurs yearly.  Students that win "Gold Key" awards are entered for judging in the National level of this competition.  All award winners will have their work shown at the Omaha Public Schools TAC Building from Feb. 26th - March 29th with a Reception on March. 2nd at 10am (contact Mr. Petska for more information).  Congratulations to all students who received awards this year!

Gold Key

Silver Key

Honorable Mention

American Visions Nominee

Dylan Little - Traveling Companion

Dylan Little - Morning Coffee

Miranda Heidbrink - Touched by Gold

Rachel Beam - Frozen in Time

Josh Rondeau - A Light Rain

Josh Rondeau - Silent Light

Josh Rondeau - A World of Light

Josh Rondeau - Portal

Simon Djarf - Cards

Simon Djarf - True Black

Daisy Ostiguin - Determination

Jaden Ferguson - Life in the Fast Lane

Josh Rondeau - Silent Light

Diane Choi - Stargirl

Diane Choi - Great Barrier Crown

Jaden Ferguson - Misfits of the Future

Kierlyn Schinker - Snowfall Dream

Daisy Ostiguin - Silence

Kirstin Henle - Sunset

Hanna Zimmermann - Don't Cry

Chase Drewes - Bloody Nose

Chase Drewes - Night Lights

Kierlyn Schinker - Fruity

Kierlyn Schinker - Portfolio -

Kierlyn Schinker - Polar Lights

Rachel Beam - Golden

Daisy Ostiguin - Strong

Simon Djarf - Enchantment

Simon Djarf - Stage Fright

Kirstin Henle - Hidden Cove

Diane Choi - Toby

Caiya Khammaly - Double Sided